Attitude of Graditude-November 11

I came across this inspired idea from Teach Thought on my Twitter feed.  During the month of November, Teach Thought shares a different prompt for teachers to reflect on each day.  Read about it here.

November 11

What is the most important ‘lesson’ you want to teach your students?

I feel the most important lesson I want to teach students is to keep going.  What does keep going mean?  It means that you do not stop because it gets hard.  It means that you keep trying when plan A does not work out.  This is not easy because if it was everyone would do that.

I model the attitude of keep going by acknowledging my mistakes and still continuing to complete the task. When my technology fails, I think out loud while solving the problem.  I use phrases like “Hmm…That didn’t work so let me try this.”  or “I know can solve this with some time.”

I find that if I do not continue because things get hard I am giving others permission to give up.  The difference between success or failure is the ability to continue on.

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