Reflective Teacher-November 12

This is a second post inspired by Teach Thought‘s November challenge. Read about it here.

Nov 12

Share a photo – or photos – of things / people you are grateful for.

My wonderful parents(both educators) who inspired me to teach.  They modeled what an educator does and how they think.


My ever faithful husband that has moved TWICE for me.  He is a kind and loving father to our children.  He has sacrificed for my career and does it willingly.


My two little red-heads that spend so much time laughing and learning.  They have helped me to understand what a parent needs from a teacher.  I want my students to be loved as much as I love my children.


My brother and sister who have made me laugh and know me in ways that only a sibling can.


 My dearest friend who when I announced that I was moving to Iowa, said “When do you need me?” and meant it.  She made the drive north less chaotic and enjoyable.  She is known to my son as “superfriend.”


The only pictures I am missing are pictures of my school.  I have a wonderful job to help coach my principal and then watch and learn so much about what it takes to be a great principal.  I also get the chance to work with a professional staff that keeps the students at the forefront of the decisions they make.  Of course, I help coach students on the skills they need to be successful in life.

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