EdCamp comes to Monroe Monday!


I have been so inspired by the EdCamp movement so…I convinced my principal that we should use the morning for EdCamp Monroe.  Actually, I asked and he said “Yes!”  Have I mentioned that my principal is awesome because he allows me to try new things?

I jumped in with both feet reading amazing blog posts about how to in school.  I modeled our EdCamp after Joe Mazza and Christopher Wooleyhand.  Here is Joe’s post and here is Christopher’s post.

With my principal, we developed the 3 areas of focus: Boys Town Well-Managed Classroom, Academics; and Technology.  So I sent an Google Form to the faculty asking about what they wanted to learn more about.  On Friday, I shared our agenda via Google Docs.  Here it is below:

Time IMC Location #2 Location #3 Location #4
8-8:20AM Discussion Leader Sign-up/Chromebook use Everyone
8:20-8:35AM Session Groundrules / Q & A Everyone
8:35-9:10AM Session #1 Planned teaching-TJ
9:15-9:40AM Session # 2 Planned teaching-TJ
9:45-10:20AM Session # 3 Planned teaching-TJ
10:25-11:00AM Take aways & Ah-has! Everyone

Everyone will attend one of TJ’s session.  This is a replacement for Wednesday’s meeting.  The other choices are yours.  If you might want to help with discussions, begin thinking about what you have to offer on these topics.

Other Possible Topics:

  • Smartboards 101
  • Smartboards Advanced
  • Tier II plans
  • Excel/Google Sheets
  • Reading Mastery
  • Math Facts
  • Math Small groups
  • Collaborative Structures in math and reading
  • Independent work
  • Time management-for independent reading/Data notebooks
  • Treasures
  • Positive and negative consequences

As teachers eat some amazing breakfast pizza, they will log on to Chromebooks and sign-up to be discussion leaders.  We already have a folder on Drive to add notes and to backchannel communicate.

At the end, I will send out a survey with these key questions:

  1. What did you like about our EdCamp?
  2. What are your next steps based on what you learned?
  3. What are suggestions for a future EdCamp?

The morning will be full of new learning for all of us.  I can’t wait to share what I learned from the brilliant people that work with me.  Hopefully, I will be able to sleep tonight!


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