EdCamp Monroe-The Results

Wow!  Words can’t express how amazing Monday was.  I knew I worked with an amazing staff, but Monday  was a huge reminder of how great they are.

On Monday, EdCamp came to Monroe.  I was so excited that I felt like a kid at Christmas.  Teachers came nervous and excited.  As people arrived, they grabbed some breakfast and a Chromebook.  The most teachers have never used a Chromebook so this was already new learning.  I let the teachers work together to log on and figure out what to do.  I did this to create an atmosphere of teamwork and shift how PD is usually given.  During this time we created our agenda on Drive.  This also was new learning for our teachers.

Below is the agenda we created:


Time IMC Location #2 Location #3 Location #4
8-8:20AM Discussion Leader Sign-up/Chromebook use Everyone
8:20-8:35AM Session Groundrules / Q & A Everyone
8:35-9:10AM Session #1 Planned teaching-TJ Google Drive

Rm 22


Tier II

Rm 36


SmartBoard 101 Rm11 Wild
9:15-9:40AM Session # 2 Planned teaching-TJ SmartBoard Advanced-

Rm 3 Reller

Reading Mastery

Rm 2 Lampe

Math Small groups  Rm 24 Foley


Session # 3 Planned teaching-TJ Excel/Google Sheets-

Rm 3 Reller

Positive and Negative

consequences Rm 36


Time management-for independent reading/Data notebooks

Rm 27 Holliday

10:25-11:00AM Take aways & Ah-has! Everyone

During the sessions, notes were taken by various people.  I know that I encouraged people that can be quiet to take notes so I could see there thinking.

One of my favorite things, I heard was my principal share his go to for de-escalating a student using Boys Town:

3 Things that work me-

  • Empathy-I can see that you are upset
  • Coupling Statements-You are standing and you need to sit down.
  • Cool Down– I will give you a minute

When we re-entered the library after the mini-sessions, conversations continued and expanded.  Teachers were inspired by each other and were planning next steps.

We had some organized shout-outs about what was learned and kudos to facilitators.  We completed the surveys and left.

Here are some of the selected results from the survey:

What did you like about it?

  • like the shared notes that we can see. Also, if I have a question I can send it out to the school and everyone could be able to help me.
  • A lot of good ideas from co-workers!
  • I liked the choice. Good options. There never seems to be enough time to collaborate with peers. It was nice to have that.
  • I loved all the choices and that we were able to choose our classes according to our needs. I would LOVE to spend another PD like this.


What are your next steps:

  • I am going to review planned teaching.  I am going to make sure to review corrective teaching to ensure I am doing it correctly. I am going to implement new positive consequences for different groups and ensure that I am not using cost response because taking away has negative effects on some students.
  • Collecting more data on my Reading Mastery students and continuing to improve the way I use Boystown.
  • using Google docs more – uploading documents that I already have created and putting them in Google docs so I can easily access them from home

This experience reminded me of a conversation that I had with my principal. He said that sometimes we can hold a classroom hostage.  A teacher stands a lectures and does not release the knowledge to the student.  I think we often do this in PD.  We hold a group of teachers hostage and do not let them work with the knowledge.  EdCamp empowered our teachers to be in charge of their learning.  Our upcoming Wednesday PD will use a similar format and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thanks to everyone who has done this before and shared their experiences.

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