What I read weekly

After my reflection about my first semester, my principal challenged me to give him a list of blogs to read.  This is my list in no particular order:

  • John Spencer Education Rethink -John Spencer is a middle school teacher who blogs about writing and teaching.  I do get lost when visit his site.  There is so much to read and think about.
  • Bailey and Derek’s Daddy-Jon Harper is an elementary school assistant principal.  I love reading his blog because it so inspiring. He understands how being a parent and an educator combine and the worlds are hard to divide.  I find myself looking for lessons as a parent that I can apply at school and vise versa.
  • The Colorful Principal-I love that Ben Gilpin always writes his weekly memo and publishes it on-line.  His weekly reflections are powerful because it clearly communicates his expectation and philosophy to all.  He also find other articles we should read and great videos to watch too.  He has excellent taste.
  • Teach. Learn. Lead. Repeat. I know that I will learn something new and powerful when I visit Jeff Zoul’s site.  I have been enjoying his current series about what he has learned from Carol Ann Tomlinson’s second edition of The Differentiated Classroom.
  • Ninja Reflections on Education First let me say that it is Todd Nesloney’s fault that I blog and tweet.  Before his summer learning challenge, I viewed the internet as a one-way road.  His blog is enjoyable.  I am regularly inspired by him.  I love watching what he does to make his school wonderful.
  • The Jose Vilson Jose Vilson spends the time we all should talking about race, class and education.  I will be the first to admit he challenges my thinking.  I am a better citizen, teacher and person because of his writing.  His post called White Administrator’s Guilt should be read by all administrators and reflected on.
  • Principal Howell This blog does a great job focusing on student learning and how to help support teachers.  I have not been disappointed in what he shares on his blog.  My favorite one was on kindness.  It inspired me to work to have a random acts of kindness at my school.
  • Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day-This was my first blog I read on a regular basis.  What he shares on his website is always useful and is a great guide to find new material and knowledge.  I am impressed how much I learn by reading this one.  Thanks Larry for beginning my education of connected learning.

These are the blogs I read weekly.  I know I read many more.  I love twitter for that reason because people share their blogs and other blogs.  There are so many great ones out there so please suggest some more for me to read.

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