It could have been…

Some people can claim that they tell how the day is going to go and they said it was going to be a rough Friday.  Here’s what was happening:

  • 7 teachers had an AM training.
  • 6 teachers were gone all day.
  • Short 6 guest teachers
  • Full moon
  • First outdoor recess in forever
  • Spring break in a week

This day could have been one for the record book:

  • Very little instruction occurring
  • grouchy teachers
  • disruptive students
  • two tired irritated administrators;

But it was not meant to be that. Why?

The mindset of my principal and me.  We thought:


So I cleared my principal’s schedule to do instructional walkthroughs throughout the classrooms.  He announced that it was our favorite time of the year, the time before spring break.  We laid out the schedule so instruction for all students would occur all day.  We both made many visits to classrooms where there were guest teachers.  At key times, we present in the hallway.  We made a conscious effort to smile at every student, teacher and adult.  We had our teachers review outdoor recess procedures.

Friday was great day for our teachers!  Most would not be able to tell that many teachers were missing.  Students learned and teachers taught.

I came home exhausted but excited about the day.  The lesson I learned is


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