Day 2-Impacting someone else’s tomorrow

Many years ago, I can remember an assistant principal asked me if I would consider being an administrator.  My response was a resounding NO and that I wanted impact the future.  My youthful arrogance was just a tad obnoxious.

Fast forward to now.  I haven’t had my own classroom in four years, but I believe I am impacting more students now than I have in the past.  During the first three years, I have worked collaboratively with teachers to improve their instruction.  I believe that the teachers are better because of my work.  Imagine the number of students impacted because of my work with those teachers.

This year, as the School Administrative Manager(SAM), I have even bigger impact because I help lift the administrative load of my principal which frees him to be the instructional leader he needs to be.  Another important duty is to be my principal’s mirror and help him reflect on his practice as a leader.  I also spend time working with students when they get in trouble.  This intensive support and work allows kids to get back into the room and learn.  I believe by my work this year I helping to impact the 500 students who attend Monroe.

So my foolish young self, I teach students by working with my principal and teachers to make them better and my reach is even bigger.


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