Day 4: Why I love Iowa

Yesterday, I wrote about what I miss about my teaching experience in Texas.   Today, I got my Iowa driver licence, so I guess I am going to stay.  Actually, I am thrilled that I took this leap.

In no particular order my favorite things about teaching in Iowa:

  • Local Control-When the Governor said that he was going to enforce a later start date for all school, an uproar occurred because most people agree that it should be local control.  In the end, a bill was passed to give school districts more control.
  • My Superintendent Dr. Tate– I saw in my school about dozen time during the first few weeks of school and he was constantly observing without talking to the teachers.  I was so impressed and then he did something even more amazing in March.  We were facing a budget crisis, but he made a bold decision to break state law for our students.  Read his letter here.

In-short-I-care-more (1)

  • Iowa educators-I look forward to my Sunday mornings when I participate in #IAedchat.  I find that it focuses me on the goals for the week ahead.  I also am inspired by the people I work with.  I have grown so much because of the conversations I have had with the Monroe staff.  The reflective nature of my principal has forced me to think about my language.
  • Iowans- When I called to get my teaching licence switched back to Iowa, they said “Welcome back!”  I have heard that so many times that I feel that we belong.  The friendliness of Iowans makes my move so easy.

It was scary to move, but I am glad that I did.

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