Day 6: Check yourself before…

Today as we were leaving my principal gave me some simple feedback about something.  What it was minor, but how it impacted my afternoon/evening was major.  I couldn’t seem to shake it no matter what I did.  At one point, my husband asked me if I was perturbed.  Then about 3 hours later, I did the most important thing I should have done earlier-was to ask these questions:


The resounding answer to all three was YES.  Last night, I had an interrupted sleep pattern due to the cat and my dear sweet daughter.  My lunch didn’t stick the way it should have and actually dinner was not cooking very fast (an hour later than usual).

So after I hit publish, I will turn off the computer and go to bed.  I’ll wake up in the morning and then reflect on the feedback.  These are the questions I’ll ask:



One thought on “Day 6: Check yourself before…

  1. Meg says:

    It is such a simple thing to take stock of where we are but we seldom do it. I know that I do not do well when I have not had a good nights sleep. I try to remember that about myself and then extend that to others if they are snappish. Did they sleep well? Did they have enough to eat? This especially comes to me working in a high poverty school. Grace for myself and for others.

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