Day 9: Dear my beginning teacher self

Dear past me,

Don’t panic!  Listen to your heart.  You have a passion for teaching and learning.  Sometimes you have to find a place that will allow it.  When you have a space to explore your passion, it will amaze you and your students.

Spend the time talking and building relationships.   You need relationships with parents, teachers and students.  In order to learn, you must value the people around you.  Get to know everybody because when all else fails, the relationship is the only thing that is left.

Listen for understanding.  When you listen for understanding, those relationships I talked about up above will flourish.  When you listen instead of talk, you will find that it moves mountains.  So listen!

What you struggle with today will be easier in the future.  Don’t worry you will have new challenges to face.  The experiences you have will make you a better leader, parent and person.

Be bold and confident.  Continue to take risks.  Students and teachers need risk-taking modeled so why not be that girl.  Try something new.  If doesn’t go according to plan, reflect and improve!

Proud of you,

Future Megan

Dear Now me,

Remember how you began in the teaching profession and give others grace as well.

Past Megan

Note: During my first year of teaching, I was encouraged to a new profession.  I am glad that I did not listen to that advice and found a place to grow.

4 thoughts on “Day 9: Dear my beginning teacher self

  1. Build relationships and listen with understanding….themes I am reading in a lot of #Aprilblogaday blogs today! I love it! It really does feel to me like sometimes my colleagues (a couple of them, not all!) forget that our students are human! They’d never talk to adults the way they talk to kids. 😦


  2. Cindy says:

    I love your reflections, Megan. You are in just the right place to impact others. I felt like I’d finally found home when I moved to our building. Our students are starving for positive relationships!


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