Day 10: Next Steps

I love this series of questions:

What is left to do with your students? In your classroom? With your colleagues? Personally?

As the last two months of the school year are getting ready to end.  I find have a list left to do.  Here’s why my amazing principal has accepted a new job as The Director of Federal Programs starting in July.  Words can not express how excited I am for him.  I know he will move our district forward.  With this being said, he now has begun the transition.

So what does that mean for me?  I will have to make decisions without him.  He won’t be able to answer a call from me immediately.  I’ll be upping my game.  I have spent the past eight months watching, asking and listening how my principal thinks and talks.  I feel I can make most decisions that would reflect his values.

For example this morning, I had a difficult parent meeting but because I have listened to how he has talked to parents.  I was able to convey the challenges that their student faced and how we want what was best the student.  I left the parent meeting feeling that we are on the same page.

Today, several people asked where my principal was and when he was coming back.  I stepped up and asked can I help them or help expedite the process.  Amazingly, only one really needed my principal’s decision.

So my job, in the next two months, is help my principal make this transition successfully.  I will continue to respectfully use values  and vision to guide my decisions(this isn’t hard because his values are very similar to mine).  The other step, I need to do is communicate with him the decisions I made.  I haven’t figured out the best way to do this but I will.  Suggestions would be great.

The other load I need to lift is to focus on my one word for the year- Presence.  I find myself getting easily distracted again.  I need be more deliberate, slow down, and breathe.  I had an amazing day, but I was too busy to really look around and enjoy it.

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