Day 12: My other passion project

Chris Crouch has challenged us to share other passion project.  I originally thought I’d write about my love of cooking, baking or gardening.  As I thought about it, I do all three of these activities with and for my children. Besides being passionate about teaching, my other project is helping to raise my two children with my husband.

Here are my dreams for my children:

  • They are lovers of books.
  • They are kind, brave and hard working.
  • They are best friends.
  • They can use their hands to grow vegetables
  • They can cook food from scratch and chose to do it.
  • They are faith-filled and practice their faith daily.

So how do I accomplish this:

  • I cook with them. (My son’s design as we were cutting out biscuits)


  • We read books and make our own.  We take the kids to the library.


  • Mike and I model hard work, kindness, and our love of books.
  • We work in the yard together.  They plant and harvest in the veggie patch.
  • We pray together and go to church together.
  • They do lots of things together.  They love to hold hands.


I know it may sound cheesy, but this project is my favorite and inspiring.  There are days when I feel like I am “winning”, but other days I feel I am not enough.  No matter how I feel, I amazed that these two joys are kind, brave and hard-working.  I love hearing them tell me about the world and I love the squeals of joy when I walk through the door at night.


2 thoughts on “Day 12: My other passion project

  1. Lisa Ogle says:

    I think that is a great project!! Those are your best gifts in this life, and you are raising them right!! I am so proud of you and of Mike and of course, I am so proud of Danny and Lorraine!! What a beautiful legacy you are instilling in them!! ❤ ❤


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