Day 13: #celebrateMonday

I am not sure how the #CelebrateMonday started, but it has changed my thinking.  Until I became a twitter junkie, I used to dread Mondays.  It felt like an interruption to my weekend.  I was never irritated with any of the other days.

So what changed?  I credit my PLN with encouraging everyone to celebrate Monday.  I give full credit to @smgaillard because I can count him for an early morning tweet on Monday that reminds me to celebrate Monday.

I had a teacher who asked how more Mondays we had left.  My response to her was “Not enough.”

Why? This year has been amazing and I don’t want it to end.  I found a new role that created a greater passion for education than before.  I work with amazing teachers who work hard to reach all children.  They reflect and strive for excellence. I know that next year will bring changes.

I love and enjoy my family, but I also look forward to the start of the week.  It is full of possibility.  I spend part of my weekend prepping for it.  I think that is why Sunday nights are so hard for me to fall sleep.  I feel like I can’t contain the excitement for the next week.

I think this covers my belief about Monday:

Now if the alarm clock did go off so early.

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