Day 14: Why I teach

I went to college to become a biochemist.  I wanted to study genetics and change the world, but the world had different plans for me.

I should have figured that I was destined to become a teacher.  My middle name was my Grandma’s before mine.  She was named after my Great Grandpa York’s favorite teachers.  Also both of my parents are inspiring teachers.  I volunteered at my parents’ schools from a young age.

I really can’t explain the long drawn out story about how I majored Elementary Education, but I did.  My student teaching was amazing.  Those 24 wonderful fifth graders are the reason I didn’t pursue a graduate degree.

To me teaching is a selfish thing.  I am inspired by the hope I see in my students eyes.  I am filled with joy when a student explains a concept to another student.  I enjoy seeing students learn.  I also enjoy being a model of how to handle difficult situations.  I love learning new things.  I love watching students grow up over the year.  Every time I hear someone lamenting over the future, I smile because I work with the future and they are amazing.  Every day I get to do something I love and it just happens to be teaching.  Thank you those crazy turns that happened in my life.

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