Day 16: The call-inspired by @Jonharper70bd

This post is inspired by this post Fix by Jon Harper

Yesterday, I got to make a call that I know the parent didn’t expect.  It caught the parent by surprise and I enjoyed making it.

This boy was removed from his class for his repeated disruptive behavior.  He earned some time in our reflection room.  There he continued to disrupt and it was about ready to go downhill fast.  When I walked in he was yelling and screaming,  I said, “I was calling his mom, but he had control what the conversation was about.   His first choice was that he was disruptive both in the classroom and the reflection room and would start the next day with us OR I could say that you were disruptive and you used your cool down strategies.  He was then able to talk how to solve the problem and that I was proud of the growth I see in him.”  I said I would be back to see what his choice was.

When I returned, he was calmly working on the assignment and was ready to talk about it.  This is HUGE!  Usually when he gets this upset, it is hard for him to cool down.

When I called his mom,  I heard her sigh when I identified myself as Megan Morgan from Monroe.  Then I told how proud of her son I was.  He is developing some key skills to cool down.  We talked about how this is a success and it sounded like she was crying.  We talked a little more and she thanked me for calling.  Today, her son had an awesome day.  Does  this mean that he will always use his strategies to cool himself down?  No, but he will remember that good can come out of being calm when in trouble.  He will also have the feeling of what a good call home feels like.


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