Day 17.5: TGIF…I Mean TGIS

I want to admit that I choose sleeping instead of blogging last night and for that I am grateful.  I knew I needed my sleep when I started nodding off during family movie time.  I knew I needed sleep when I fell asleep on the floor as I was help Little Bit fall asleep.

Here’s a list of great things in my life:

  • My husband: He has quit his job two different times.  The first was to move across the ocean to marry me and the second time to move our little family closer to my family.  He is the reason our kids adjusted to move so successfully.  If you want a stellar example of a father, you should meet my husband.
  • Big Boy & Little Bit: They amaze me each and everyday.  They invent new games together.  When Little Bit won’t follow my directions, Big Boy asks her to do the exact same thing and she does it right away.
  • My Principals: I love that they are actively working together to make the transition smoothly.  I know that they have deep profound conversations.  They both speak about the other with respect.  This model of transition should be implemented everywhere.
  • The teachers and staff of my school: On Friday, a teacher left a snack on my desk because she knows that I need snacks during the day to be my best.  The office staff left me a plant and chocolate on my desk with a great note.  When another person went to Tasti-Freeze, they brought me back a pork tenderloin sandwich (Iowans are serious about this sandwich).  This is just one example of how I have been welcomed into the Monroe family.

As I look at my list, I think the theme is people.  The things around me are fine, but the people in my life make amazing and magical.

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