Day 20: Leadership Lessons from the Muppets Most Wanted

Disclosure: I hate watching movies.  I can’t sit still long enough without a sense of guilt.  My family loves to watch movies and TV.  I sat on the couch tonight to make my family happy….

I know I have blogged enough lately that I can learn an educational lesson from anything.  Tonight’s lesson is from Muppets Most Wanted(yes I know it has been out for a while).

  1. Don’t rub in the fact that you are number 1.  

Be the leader who inspires others instead using your role to command others.  Kermit leads the Muppets effectively because he respects them.  Constantine did not lead but used his role to make decisions.

2. It’s OK to say no to some team member’s ideas.  Running of the Bulls on Stage, Celine Dion tribute and 4 hour drum solo should have been told No.  Of course, Constantine said, “Yes.” to keep the team happy instead of what was better for the show.  So the question, we need to ask is “Is this good for our students?”  If not, a responsible leader would say no to the request.

The real lesson is I learned is it is important to spend time with my family doing their favorite things.  The hugs, giggles and laughs were worth my discomfort.  I am better educator because I spent that time with them tonight.


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