Day 21: Quiet Heroes of the School

Tomorrow is administrative professional appreciation day. This is my thank you letter to all of the great administrative professionals I have worked with:

Dear ___________,

Thank you for being a smiling face welcoming parents to our school.  You make our families feel that their children will be cared for.  Thank you for remaining calm while others around are not. Thank you for answering the phone so quickly and calmly.  The office is a calm place because you create that atmosphere.  I see you bring things from home to make the office festive for different holidays.

Thank you for welcoming the late students with a smile.  They know you are glad they are here.  Thank you for drying the tears of a student whose parent forgot to pick them up.  Thank you inviting students who need you to eat lunch with them.  Thank you for finding a job for students who need responsibility.  Our children need you!

Thank you for being kind to every teacher.  Thank you for making me laugh when I needed to.  Thank you for sharing your snacks.  Thank you for listening to me.  Thank you for understanding me.  Thank you for answering my silly questions as well as my important questions.  Without you my job would be impossible.

Thank you for doing all of this and so much more.


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