Day 23: Am I normal?

So often we get excited (okay I do) about the people that read our blogs that are far away.  I was on cloud nine about the click from Kenya.  I think the more profound impact I have is on my local readers.  I already wrote about how my future principal understood me before we really met.  I also have a couple of other people in my school who read what I write.  One particular teacher has given me an audience to visualize and we have had some great conversations because of it

This teacher is unfortunately not at my school every day.  I share her with another school, but I always search her out when she is at my school.  I love to hear what she thinks.  My favorite complement was about how she really didn’t understand blog until she read mine.  She also knows me deeply because she reads everything I write and because of that she reminds me of my philosophy and beliefs when busyness gets in the way.  Thank you my friend for being there!

As transparent as I am at my school, why don’t I feel comfortable sharing with everyone the fact that I blog.  If you asked most teachers in my building do I blog or do you know where to find my blog, they would say no.  Why am I afraid to share it with my work collegues but not afraid for a person in Keyna to read it?  How do I get over this fear?  Bloggers please let me know am I normal?

5 thoughts on “Day 23: Am I normal?

  1. Meg says:

    The person in Kenya, you will likely never meet so it is less threatening and easier to discount negative words or opinions from someone who you don’t know and may never. It is a whole other feeling to realize the people you see on a daily basis have such a personal look into your soul. In “real life” we rarely open ourselves that deeply to many people. Usually a spouse or a few trusted friends but you are talking about revealing your heart to 40 or 50 people. Normal? Yes (except writing a blog at 3:30 in the morning). Here is what is important. Whether you share with everyone or a few, this quote makes sense to me.
    What we have learned from others becomes our own reflection.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Thank you for providing reflection.


    • I love that quote – so very true, Meg.

      I am just discovering your blog, Megan – working my way backward from your awesome tribute to your p’pal. As for not broadcasting your blogging life, I am in the same boat. There is a freedom that comes with quasi-anonymity. It’s not that I hide the fact that I blog, but I write more for me – as a reflective practice – than for others. If someone sees value or truth in it, I am thrilled – and if someone leaves me feedback, I am doubly thrilled, but that isn’t why I write.

      Keep blogging, Megan! I love learning from you!


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