Day 24: #Ilovemyschool

I love my school.  Let me count the ways.

  1. The office staff-see this post
  2. The school counselor-see this example
  3. The principal- see this, this and this to name a few
  4. The Justice League-This group’s members include the principal, the counselor, the play therapist, the behavior interventionist and myself.
  5. The teachers-who welcomes our students every day, sets high expectations and helps our students get there.
  6. The para educators-who smile and work right next to the teachers
  7. The lunch ladies-the know the students and makes sure everyone eats.
  8. The volunteers-they spend time reading and talking to our students.  They go on field trips, coach baseball and lead our cub scout troop.
  9. The students-they take risks to learn everyday.  They learn so much.
  10. The janitors -they make sure the school is spotless and jump in where needed.

I love my school essentially because everyone says, “Yes” to learning and challenges.

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