Day 27: Get out of Dodge Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about how getting out of town was good for me.  I also wanted write this other reflection about leaving town and escaping the stress.

It’s easy for me to leave Dodge.  I have to the means to.  Not all of my students have that option.  Some of my students come to school hungry, dirty and tired.  I see other students who do want to leave school.  School is where they come to be refreshed before they go home.

Other of my students dread going to school.  They worry about how they will fit in either academically or socially.  They look forward to leaving school so they will not feel judged.

I also know that neither school or home is a cushion for other students.  They have a life that would make a grown man cry and they still smile.   I was chatting with my friend Chrissy about this and she sent me this.


So what does that mean to me:

  1. I smile at every student and greet them.
  2. I look them in the eyes and really listen.
  3. I try to know every student’s name.  Getting there, but not quite there yet.
  4. I tell students that I missed them and I am glad that they are here.
  5. I create opportunities for students to give to others because it makes them feel good.
  6. I find opportunities for success.
  7. I still have high standards for my students.

I can’t wait to smile at students and create moments of joys for all my students.

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