Day 30: #Aprilblogaday Reflection

It’s funny I am ending this blog post waiting, just like I did when I started it.  My husband is even making the same dinner.  Luckily, this time my car is not the problem and the dinner actually was completely cooked.  I am proud that I only missed 3 days of blogging.  So how did this challenge change me?

  1. I became more reflective.  I spend the day thinking will this make a good blog post.  Is there a lesson to learn? How I can improve?
  2. I handle bumps in the road better.  This month, I interviewed and did not get a job I would love.  It was the first time in my life I did not get the job that I interviewed for.  So that was a big setback.  I really didn’t flip a gasket.  I reflected about what I could do differently.  I also sought feedback.  I am not sure that I would have been so calm.
  3. Writing my blog made me focus even more on the positive and what I choose to do. Also reading others blogs have made me even better.
  4. My days seem more focused because I spend the time at night reviewing the day as I write.
  5. I view myself as a capable writer.  I always have had a complex about my ability to write.  This month has given me more confidence about my writing.  I am not afraid to put my words to paper.  I figured out that I write better when I think of a particular person reading my writing.  I like the idea of Chris Crouch reading this and that is who I visualize reading it.

So will I do it again.  YES!  I have signed up for a May challenge.  Thanks Connie for bringing this to my attention.

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