Lessons Learned from the Dunk Tank

On Friday, I checked something off of my bucket list.  I always wanted to be a part of a dunk tank.  I excitedly volunteered to be dunked at Monroe’s Fun Night.


I was the last one on the list to be there.  It was funny to watch how fast people came to line up to get a chance to dunk me.  The first few people hit the target but I did not fall, so my supportive principal willingly pushed the target.  “Just to make sure it works.”  Don’t worry.  It did.  I got up and did for an amazing half hour.  Some people knocked me off and others were not as lucky.

Being a lead learner can be just like sitting on a dunk tank bench.  Our learning is on display for all to see.  Some people do line up to watch you fail.  It’s OK that why we love reality TV, too. When you do fall in, it’s how you handle that shows the strength of your character.  A great leader climbs up with a smile and put herself back out there.

IMG_6541I also learned that just because you hit the target, I may not fall in to the tank.  Even when we do everything right, the results will not always be as expected.  Again, this is another chance to show your character.

My two big take-aways are:

  1. Always volunteer to be in the dunk tank.
  2. When you do fall, get back up, laugh and wait.

Bonus Tip: Always fill the tank with water from a mop sink (keeps it warm).

One thought on “Lessons Learned from the Dunk Tank

  1. Vincent says:

    Congratulations on your Dunktank dunkings. You handled it like a great sport and showed people the way to do it! I wish I could have dunked you ! Lol! It looks like you got dunked a lot! You ve inspired my wife to volunteer at our community carnival dunktank! It s for s great cause and she never would have done it without your inspiration! Thanks! She s being dunked Tonite and is a lil nervous any advice from a dunktank dunkee veteran like yourself! Thanks and keep up the great work! Vinny


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