Dear Megan-A year in review

This blog post is a response to a challenge that Todd Nesloney he posted here.

Dear Megan,

Wow! What a year!  On that first day of in-service, someone told me that they took a risk on me.  I thought at that time I also took a risk too.  I am glad that our mutual risk paid off.  As I look back the year, I am amazed by how much I grew professionally and personally.

As the school year began, you realized that air conditioning that was considered the norm in Texas was extreme in Iowa.  For example, you dress for the season in Iowa.  It will be hot in the building in the summer and cold in the winter.  As opposed to Houston where the air conditioning makes you dress like winter in the summer.

I am amazed about how much you learned about discipline once it left the classroom.  I am proud how you are able to use the Boys Town skills to teach about classroom expectations.  You learned how to have hard conversations with parent this year.  You also became their ally to help the negotiate the medical system.

I also learned how to count on others in many ways.  In the classroom, I was alone and felt like it was all me.  In this role, I learned how to delegate and take help when offered.  I love the team approach that existed at my school.  Everyone from the lunch ladies and custodians to the principal has the same goal: education of the whole child.

I am proud of the events you organized: Iowa Assessments, Green and Growing, WIN, EdCamp, and TJ’s bucket filling assembly.  You learned how to think ahead and not just react.  You helped to make Monroe a better place because of your organization.

One of your greatest achievements this year is your blogging.  You overcame your complex about being a bad writer.  Your blogging helps you reflect on your role and others enjoy what you write.  Thank you for being honest and real on your blog.

Finally I am proud of the relationships you created this year.  You laughed and cried with parents.  You gave tons of hugs and told students you loved them.  Every day you provided smiles for people who needed them.  You helped teachers, paras and others.

It is with a heavy heart that you will be leaving Monroe for your next step on your journey.  I am excited to see how your new role as Lead Teacher Support for Davenport Community Schools impacts you and the people around you.  Congrats on your great year as a SAM and congrats on your new job.

Love you bunches,


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