My Summer To-Do list

Last summer, I was busy selling a house, packing for a cross country move, and going to grad classes.  So needless to say, it was packed with must dos.  I’ve decided that this year my to-do list is about making me a better educator, parent, spouse, and person.  So in no particular order:

  • Read and then read some more.  I will read to my kids.  I will read fiction, nonfiction and educational books.  I want to read things out of my comfort zone to make me a better person.
  • Play with my kids when they ask.  Too often I find myself watching instead of joining in even when they ask me to join them.
  • Go on dates with my husband.  We (I mean me) are guilty of putting our relationship last(ok second to last-I know that I fall last) on the priorities.
  • Travel.  We moved here to be closer to family.  Everyone is home this summer.  It is time for road trips to see the family and friends that are near.
  • Scrapbook. I am so far behind that I am currently scrapbooking July 2013.  My kids love looking at them and talking about the adventures.  Little Bit deserves more than her first few months scrapbooked.
  • Garden.  I want to figure out my yard.  Where is the best place to put my tomatoes?  How do I keep the squirrels from digging my bean seeds?   So many questions and I am looking forward to finding the answers.
  • Cook.  I missed cooking every night for the family this year.  I will help take up the challenge.
  • Learn-I plan on attending some conferences and a couple of EdCamps.   I will make my list of questions for my new job and find the answers.  I will make time for twitter chats.

This list looks long but I know I will enjoy accomplishing this list.  My sweet son made his list:

IMG_6569 His list included making art, picking strawberries, riding bikes, and on walks.  I hope that I can help him complete his list too.


2 thoughts on “My Summer To-Do list

  1. This is a great list Megan. I too need to spend more time with my family than I do. It will be good to have nothing looming over my head so I don’t invent a reason why I can’t stop what I’m doing and go play more with my kids. Also, more dates with my wife are a must. We rarely go anywhere without our kids, but we need to. In the end it is better for us and better for them. I am presenting at one one conference and and attending Edcamp Ldr in MD. I am also leading a session for the Edcamp Global which looks really cool. Finally, I need to exercise more and read more fiction. I find it relaxes my brain.


    • I am have at least one conference to attend, plus all of the training for my new job. I am still debating which Edcamp Ldr to go to both Chicago and St. Louis are the same distance. I will blog about my success to hold myself accountable for this list.

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