On Beyond Zebra!

“So now I know everything anyone know

“From beginning to end. From the start to the close.

“Because Z is as far as the alphabet goes.”

….And I said, “You can stop, if you want, with the Z

“Because most people stop with the Z

But not me!


Most every night I read to my son.  The one I read last was somewhat lost on him. We read On Beyond Zebra by Dr. Seuss.  The story is about a boy who thinks he is done learning because he knows his letters to Z.  The narrator talks about the alphabet past Z and how much he would miss if stopped at Z.  Like some of my favorite Dr. Suess books, it had another message.

So often we stop when we reach what we think is the end.  When we do that we lose the chance for so much more.  How often do we stop when we hear the answer instead of following it up with a why?  What happens to that relationship when we go farther than he expected?  What happens when don’t stop because we had a success?

The people who are willing to go beyond the accepted endpoint change the world.  I am proud to call so many of them friends.  They go the extra mile professionally and personally.  The world is better because they do not choose to stop at Zebra.



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