How to Handle Change

Today is Father’s day.  My husband of course is a wonderful model of father.  I could spend a whole blog writing about he has made sure that our kids understand their English culture.  Our kids say things like “That would be lovely.” or “Can I go play in the garden (yard)?”  Also I could write about how he is creating readers or that my daughter calls him her baby school teacher.

Instead I am going to write how he inspired me this year.  Amazingly only one year ago, I was accepting a new job in Iowa and was going to change our world so completely.  My husband, at the time, worked as a technical writer with an hour (on a good day) commute each way.  I did most of the cooking and childcare and we had a cleaning lady.

Now our family life looks completely differently.  He is a work at home dad.  Every morning, he wakes up the kids, makes them breakfast and takes Little Man to school.  He plans fun adventures for Little Bit.  He cooks dinner most nights and keeps the house clean. In his spare time, he writes for a website, blogs on Tumblr and writes science fiction short stories. (If you want to follow him, you can @cultTVmike)

Mike has done a wonderful job of modeling how to handle big transitions:

  • He asked important questions.  Where do I find the recipe for…?  Is this the best for Little Man?  Why do you do it this way?
  • He admitted mistakes.  I should have read the menu plan so we need to plan something different.  I should have brought the diaper bag.
  • He set goals.  I will take Little Bit to the library in time for story time.  I will finish this short story before I go to bed.
  • He smiled and laughed.  He had the right to pout and refuse to change as I changed our lives.  Instead, he laughed and smiled with our kids.

It is easy to dismiss this as not as important but a family is just like any other organization.  Changes occur and how you handle transitions determines how successful the organization is.

So, Thank you Mike for making this organization-Team Morgan-happy and joyful.  Success in my book.



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