#ISTE2015-Good, Better and Best

I can remember seeing the ISTE hashtag last year and thinking I would love to go there.  I downloaded the app and thought I had everything planned out.  Little did I know how massive it really was.  I loved seeing all of the new technology.   Below are my take-aways from this amazing conference:

Good: I saw so many good idea of how to integrate technology.  I will be modeling  some of the great tools I learned about.  I have better understanding of how to flip my PD meetings.  I also will be brave and try some new things.  Attempting sketchnotes is on my to-do list.

Better:  My favorite sessions were the Ignite sessions.  I love the idea of a person having a limited time and slides to talk about something important to them.  I left that hour with brilliant ideas and felt inspired. The theme of these talks were give students a voice and listen to them.  The ones below below talk about the importance of role educators have in the race discussion.

Best: Our team got spend time together building relationships and talking about our vision for students, technology and education.  This was a relatively new team.  Four of us officially started our job on July 1st.  As we talked and brainstormed, I came to see people differently. I listened for understanding and began to understand.  When everyone is not at work, conversation can go deeper.  We talked less about the What instead we talked about the Why and How.   I look forward to seeing the seeds planted during this conference grow.


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