Kitty Cat and Risk-taking

Bedtime was going to be easy because Danny had his pajamas on, picked out his story and was completely ready for bed.  We went to snuggle into bed.  Then he realized that Kitty Cat was missing.  He and I checked his room.  We didn’t panic.  I checked the basement.  Kitty Cat was not there.  We interrupted his sister’s bedtime routine to see if it was there.  Soon the whole house was looking for Danny’s Kitty Cat.


Yes, bedtime was interrupted for this stuffed animal.  Soon, Danny was holding my hand tight and holding back tears because he thought that Kitty Cat was lost.  Finally, I told Danny to lay down.   He was so nervous about going to sleep that he needed the lamp on.  I then slowly walked around the house and Kitty Cat was found.  I handed him to Danny and a sense of calm came over him.  We finished up bedtime and Danny and Kitty Cat went to sleep quickly.

The whole incident surprised me. Danny looks, talks, and acts so big.  He spent the day actively helping.  It reminded me that he really isn’t as big I think he is.  I made assumptions about him and where he is at.

This assumption with Danny also happens in the classroom.  I think about some of the kids who are bigger that are assumed to be more mature or the student has a big vocabulary so we speak to them differently.  We need to realize that sometimes that a child may appear ready for the next step, but they still need some supports.

How about teachers?  Sometimes we are ready to take the next step, but we are afraid. Fear can paralyze a person to act.   We need a support system to take risks.  Just like my son needs Kitty Cat, we need a friend on our side.  This really is a wonderful time to find a support system.  In schools, teachers have data teams, PLCs or another structure to work in small groups.  We also have a wide variety of ways to connect to educators including Twitter.  When I am nervous about taking a risk, I reach out and it helps me feel brave.

IMG_0880Sometimes a friend is all we need to feel brave a take a risk.

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