My Why for Teacher Leadership

This week I have been helping provide PD to the teacher leaders.  I have been asking about their why.  You can read about it here.  I was encouraging them to find their why and begin to communicate it to others.  I need to crystallize my thinking and begin to make sure that my actions communicate my why.


I believe in the power of teacher.  Teachers inspire.  Teachers create the love of learning in others.  Teachers change lives daily.

Just like a superstar athletes, teachers deserve a coach.  Teaching is an important skill.  We deserve a person to help us enhance our teaching.  We need make sure that teachers are aware of the great things they do in the classroom that leads to student learning.  So often we have developed great habits that create learning, but we forget that it may not be a habit of all teachers.

Teachers also need a space to reflect on their teaching practice. A coach can help lead a teacher through a reflective process. When teachers discover what they need to do to enhance learning, with support they are much more likely to act on it. We need a fan club to help step out of our comfort zone and grow.

My why for the Teacher Leadership system designed my district created is that it creates a common language for all teachers.  A preschool teacher and high school physics can talk about the art and science of teaching together.  It may look different, but they are doing the same thing.   I believe that teachers in my district are strong and are doing amazing things to grow students.  With support, students will only grow more and teachers will have a greater passion about teaching.


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