Connected Educator Chat

Last week I did the most exciting thing ever!  I moderated the first twitter chat for my district.  It was fast moving and exciting.

I, of course, planned it with my partner in crime @JenVanFleet.  I have always loved how @conniehamiltion organizes and makes a great graphic for her #TMchat.  Jen used that for the framework and this beauty was made.


Of course, what really made me nervous was it just going to be Jen and me tweeting back and forth.  I wanted educators who may have never been in a chat to feel welcome as well as find a reason to join in.  I hoped that the conversation added value to each person involved.

I reached out to my buddy @smgaillard who moderates several amazing chats.  He gave me some key advice and of course I followed it.

  1. Schedule your tweets about the questions and answers.
  2. Enjoy it moves fast.

In the end between the two times, we had about 10 people interact, but I am positive that there were people just watching.  I loved that both chats had different people and different points were brought up.

As always, I thought about how I could improve it.  I feel need to think about my answer and other answers before I decide on a question.  A focusing question that I will use is How will this help the educator become better?  Otherwise this chat becomes one more thing someone has to do and that is not purpose.

Want to read about what happened:

Storify AM edition

Storify PM edition

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