Listening-Setting Goals

A few weeks ago I was coaching a teacher at the same time I was being coached by another coach.  Our feedback session of my coaching brought up a need.  I jumped right in and tried to solve his “problem.”  Of course, this is not an effective way to coach.  I know this and this is not what I try to do.  I fell into a trap because I stopped listening for understanding and started listening for my response.

I relate this story to you because on Thursday a teacher leader related an area of concern and I jumped right in started to tell her how we would solve it together.  I thought it about it the next day and quickly sent a note to let her that I just want to listen and help her reflect what happened.

Then yesterday, I was voxing without truly listening in the way I usually do.  I just wanted share where I was at instead  of listening to add value to others.

Then last night, I was reading Good Leaders Ask Great Questions by John Maxwell.  He also talked about his challenges with listenings.  I realized that his list consists of my three areas of need.  I listen because I want to respond and say my piece.  I interrupt and I want to hear only the things that reflect my vision.  What to do about this?

I am setting a goal to listen more effectively.  I will start by being quiet and not interrupting.  I will try to add value to that person and not try to make myself look better.  I will request the honest feedback instead of framing the feedback.

8 thoughts on “Listening-Setting Goals

  1. Jon Wennstrom says:

    Thanks for the great post and the reminder of how important it is to be an effective listener. As building leaders, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of “fixing problems” rather than helping others find their own solutions. Great thoughts!

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  2. Megan,

    Great insight! Thanks for being so honest! It takes a very wholehearted person to be a coach – and it sounds like you are doing all the right reflection and adjustments to get there! Nicely done!! ~Alison


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