PD in PJs

I have spent the last two Saturdays the same way.  I was making banana nut waffles and growing professionally in my PJs.  How you ask did I manage this?

Last Saturday, I was actively following the tweets of EdCamp Tampa Bay.  I jumped into a Blab, hosted by Sean Gaillard and Natalie Krayenvenger to learn more about Podcasting.  I even asked a question and became more involved with the group.  I also enjoyed all of the Periscopes from the event.

This Saturday, I used some of the same tools to be a learner at What Great Educator Do Differently in Chicago as well as EdScape.  I got to hear some of the openning and closing speakers.

So what?

To me this is HUGE!  Why?  Now I am not limited by my district’s budget or my personal budget.  I also am not limited by my Mommy guilt.  I am only limited by my desire.  I now know that I can add things to my toolbox without going to a conference.  Does this mean I won’t ever go to a conference.  No!  I just will be more selective about what I attend and how interact digitally.

Here’s my list of my favorite tools:

  • Twitter
  • Blab
  • Periscope
  • Storify

So get out there and try something new.  Location and money are no longer valid excuses for not finding your tribe.

A special thanks to my tribe that lives their PD lives digitally so I can stay in my PJs.

2 thoughts on “PD in PJs

  1. What a great endorsement for growing your PLN! I, too have found the amazing amount of resources that I can access for free from home to be inspiring. If you can’t go to the PD, bring the PD to you!


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