Giving It Away

On Thursday, I turn forty.  This birthday has been looming for a while.  The last time a birthday felt significant was my twenty-fifth birthday.  That one I remember crying my eyes out because I was not where I thought I should be both professionally and personally.  In the past fifteen years, I have learned that when I spend my time navel-gazing and not focusing others, I become an unhappy person.  So this year, I have decided to give away my birthday.


What do I mean by giving away my birthday?  Glad you asked.  I am going to 40 acts of kindness.  I want to spend the day bringing joy to my school district and community.  My life is full of joy, and I am blessed.  If I start to count the blessings, they begin to multiply.

I am going to buy some Cokes (or pop in IA) for some fellow teachers.  I will load some Aldi carts with a quarter.  Provide some snacks.  Write some meaningful thank you notes.  Deliver some school supplies.  Find some meaningful resources for others.   Give some shout outs to people who have inspired me.

I invite you to celebrate my birthday with me.  On Thursday, perform an act of kindness and let me know.  I will be documenting my adventures with the #MMis40.

Some of my inspiration for this move:

  1. The Birthday Project
  2. This Seth Godin’s Post

The follow-up post to this.


5 thoughts on “Giving It Away

  1. Happy 40h birthday–enjoy sharing the day with others! When I turned 40 I threw my own birthday party and we packed shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. The goal was 40 boxes, but we ended up with around 70. It was a great way to celebrate. I’ll do my part on your birthday, too. Thanks for the invite.


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