When you give…

Last week was my birthday and I gave it away.  You  can find my 40 acts of kindness here.  I learned many things as I did it.  In no particular order:

  • It made my day. I was particularly chipper.  I felt like I was light on my feet.  I didn’t get meloncholy.  I need create moments like daily.
  • Label who they are for.  Both the mailman and my family did not take the item for them.  My husband says that did not eat their treat because he thought it was for someone else
  • Not everyone accepts.  The change on soda machine sat for several days at one of the schools.  I wonder if they thought someone else might need it more or if they thought that it was a joke.  I really hope it is the latter.
  • Accepting kindness requires knowledge. A couple of panicked e-mails bounced around the school.  Someone was worried where did it come from and assumed the worse.  Next time I will have the person who did some of my work send out an e-mail with assurance that she know who sent it.


Will I do this again?  Of course.  I think it forced me out of my comfort zone and helped me be more intentional with my acts of kindness.



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