Out of My Comfort Zone


One of the actions related to my one word is to commit to improving my health.  In that vein, I started working out.  Now realize, this is a huge deal.  I did not own a pair of tennis shoes.  The closet thing to that would be my Chuck Talyors.  Also that last time I was in a gym was my senior year in college when I played basketball.

This decision to go down this road did not come easy.  I researched the various places in the area and thought about my disposition.  I knew I needed a class because I don’t work out unless there is some sort of commitment to others.  I found the place for me and settled on Kosama (CrossFit like workout).  I visited and bought all of the required equipment. On the first day, I looked at the instructor and said, “You’re going to make sure that I don’t get lost????”  There were points when I wanted to quit, but I looked around and saw all people of various ability working hard.  I knew if they could do it, so could I.  Also, the regulars were welcoming to me.  They would stop their workout and show me a modification or help me with my form.  On Friday, I was doing some sort of ab work and the instructor came over and helped.  I quietly said, “I don’t have abs.”  Her response was “You will.”  Of course, the scale has not moved the way I would of liked.  Luckily, I am using other forms of measurement.  I can do several push-ups with out modifications.   My burpees are coming along.  I know that this is journey not a destination.

I tell you this story because all around us we have teachers going out of their comfort zone daily to improve student learning.  How we as a community respond can determine if they continue.

  • Do we share our struggles for others to see and be inspired by us or do we only share our successes?
  • Do we stop our work to help another teacher or do we only focus on our work?
  • Do welcome other teachers or do we ignore them and wonder why it took them so long?

When we respond with open arms, the teachers around us continue to grow and expand.   When ignore others who reaching outside of their comfort zone, they may not continue to be out of their comfort zone.

The other big lesson is how our students can feel when they take on a monumental task.  For some, the task the may be easy because they already have the stamina or skills to complete the task.  Others may be like me, lacking the skills and stamina to complete the task completely on the first try.  We need to be like my instructor who leaned over and said, “You will.”  Our students should believe us just like I believe Lindsey.

Thanks to Jennifer Burdis, Eric Davis, Sean Gaillard and so many other educators that share their fitness journey with others.



4 thoughts on “Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. As a teacher also struggling with fitness goals and contemplating a leadership position, I really appreciate your insight connecting the two. I especially liked the part about how we respond: are we only sharing our successes or do we share our struggles too? I work with high ability learners in part of my job and they resist struggle. Modeling more of our own struggles may encourage them. Thanks for this post!


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