Hold on to what?


A line from the homily at church has stuck with me.  “We have a tendency to hold on to where people were at.”  The priest then discussed how a recovered addict is always referred as an ex-addict.  He also discussed how we allow a transgression to define a person.  He discussed that we need to rise above this tendency.

As an educator, this really spoke to me.  As a teacher, we need to not let last year define who the student will be in our class.  I can remember sitting my teacher educator classes and all of us discussing how we would not gossip with the previous teachers about the current students.  I really wonder how many of us still do this or if we have justified how current behavior.  I know I am not perfect.  I can justify reaching out to other teachers to see if they saw the same thing.  I will freely admit that some of the information shaped my view of that student.

Also I held on when students returned to my class after a stint at the alternative school.  I should have welcomed them back to my class with open arms.  Instead, I held on to the idea that they were the “bad kids.”  I know I have been part of the problem.

Also how do I  look at the teacher who struggled the first year and now is shining as the innovative teacher?  When someone talks positively about him, do I remind them about his first year and how he almost failed as a teacher or do I celebrate the success?  I want to act like I am always the celebrator, but I am not.

As I go forward, I will make a concerted effort to treat as who they are now, not who they were yesterday.  I will work on giving everyone the grace I want when I make mistakes.  I know I will not be perfect, but now being aware of my own tendencies I hold on less.


One thought on “Hold on to what?

  1. What an honest reflection Megan.! I think we are all at times guilty of judging people based on their past. This post is a great reminder that we should allow others the same consideration that we ourselves expect.


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