Pajama Monday

Last Monday, I was on Spring Break.  My kids and I  did what we usually do on the first Monday of a break.  We spent the day in our PJs.  We laughed and played.  Mainly we focused on enjoying our time with each other.  My to-do list was long, but I mostly ignored it.  The day was about just chilling.  This has become a time honored tradition because it allows all of us to slow down and reconnect after a hectic time.  It began last summer when my new job did not allow me to stay home all summer long.  So on Mondays that I did not have to work, we began staying in our PJs all day and doing nothing.

This Monday all three of us returned to school and work.  I wonder did my kid’s teachers stop to reconnect with him and the other students in his class.  As I walked into a school in my district, I overheard several students talking about the challenges of spring break.  One complained about driving across Texas (my sympathie-it is a big state) and another discussed seeing his mom for the first time in three years.  I hope both students were able to share if they wanted to with an adult.

All of this makes me wonder, what traditions do we create in our classrooms to create a community?  How often do we put aside the put aside pressure to “cover” the curriculum to listen to each and laugh?  We spend so much time at school.  The least we can do is enjoy our time together.


Thanks Sean Gaillard for the encouragement for this post.

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