Please Invite Me

In my current role, I am based out of our district’s central office.  In this role, I get the chance to see and work with so many teachers throughout the district.  My favorite times are when I am invited because I become inspired.   If you a faithful reader of my blog you will remember that magical experience in Angela Staber‘s room as just one of those moments.

Just recently, I was invited by a second year teacher in our district to come and co-teach with her.  She is lucky enough to teach physics at our alternative high school.  I always joke that she has my dream job.  I say that because my high school physics and chemistry teacher, Mrs. Solsky furthered my love of science.  The teacher and I found a time that worked for both of our schedules.

On the way there, I voxed with my #EdBeat that I was so excited and thrilled to be heading there.  Several people commented how they could hear the excitement in my voice.  It was so much fun and I learned so much from the teacher and the students. The two of us made plans to do some more work together.   As I left, I felt like I was vibrating from all of the positive energy of the school.

My request to you is please invite me.  I grow and become inspired when I am in a school. Also I will do everything in my power to come.  If you don’t work in my district, please invite teachers, administrators and others into your school and room.  These should be locations where learning happens for all involved.

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