Spread the Good

In matter of 24 hours, these amazing things happened:

  • A student made a 100 on that day’s test after a year of struggling with algebra.
  • A school library was full of volunteers that support a Title I school.   The principal described how every Kindergartner received a library of 50 books and over 100 families were served by the food pantry.  This school is loved by so many.
  • An after school program run by a high school junior presented their theater showcase.  A shy quiet red head (my son) became brave and daring on the stage.

I share these stories because I came to realization (again) that so many great things happen in our schools daily.  I also know that many happen quietly without much fanfare.

I am inspired by the #CelebrateMonday movement because it shares all of the positive things occurring in our schools. I love following district and school hashtags because it inspires me to think of all the positive things that are being shared.

In the same breath as thrilled as I am with the digital sharing, I wonder do friends and family know the great things.  Do the neighbors know?  Do the fellow educators in the building know?  We need to become comfortable saying aloud the great things that happen at our school.

I am committing myself to sharing with friends, neighbors and others the good things that happen in the schoolroom.   I want everyone in my city to be proud of the successes that happen in my district.

My challenge to you dear reader:  Please don’t share just share digitally, talk to your friends, neighbors, and family about the good that happens daily in our schools.

Reading/Resources that inspired this:

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