#ISTE at school

I am glad to say that my second visit to ISTE was successful.  My district made a commitment to send about 85 people.  These teachers and educators were inspired and joyful.  They collaborated with each other, joined Twitter and did so much more.  I asked a couple of teachers could this/would this happen in our district at an inservice day.  The answer I received is a resounding “NO.”

Here’s why I think ISTE worked:

  1. Choice-Teachers chose to come and chose the sessions they attended.
  2. Reduced Pressure-During this time, teachers did not have to think of about the adult day to day things (ie grocery shopping, laundry, and many other fun chores)  and the work of running a classroom as well.
  3. New Voices-Teachers also collaborated with teachers from other districts as well as other countries.

My goal over the next year is to help create this ISTE environment for teachers.  I will work to provide choice, reduce some pressures (No, I won’t do your laundry), and bring new voices to the table.



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