A Sense of Urgency

During this summer, I was at a work day with a group of teachers and one said, “When I get home, I need to put up another batch of jam.”  We started talking and she was doing what I always dreamed I would.  She grows and forages for a large percentage of her family’s food.  She also raises her own chickens for eggs and bakes bread daily.  She talked about the need to preserve something every day during the summer so her family would have food during the winter.  I said to her that I wanted to be her when I grew up.  She then went on to say she has to do this.  The teacher explained that her family had particular health needs that required this lifestyle.  As I think about this interaction today, I realize I will not grow up and be her.  I do not feel a sense of urgency.  There is not a pressing reason to change my lifestyle.

Why does this story matter to you?  We always have that teacher we talk to that is trying something we always wanted to do.  We just haven’t.  Why?  The list of reasons could go on, but reasons seem to disappear when we feel that it is urgent that we adopt this educational practice.  It is easy to be good and it is hard to move to great.  The sense of urgency may not be there.

How can create your own sense of urgency?  Talk more to that teacher.  Find out the results his experimentation.  Ask more questions and read more.  Use this information to create your own Why.  Once you have your Why, create your own Why Now and start talking about it.

My dear readers I challenge you this school year not to just dream but to do.  Create your own Why Now and move from good to great.




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