Being a Prophet

As many of readers know, I welcome inspiration anywhere.  This week’s inspiration came from the Sunday’s homily.  The Deacon said, “It is hard being a prophet in ancient Israel.”  He went on to described the challenges that Jeremiah faced as he was preaching to the Israelites.

The past day I pondered this line.  It really could be adapted to say, “It is hard to be an innovator in schools today.”  Both Jeremiah and the innovative educator has to challenge the status quo and ask people to change their practice.   Both also took a hard look at the current system and questioned it.  Jeremiah was put in a cistern by a group of princes and he sunk into the mud.  These visionary educators are often isolated in their school and feel that they are sinking.  Jeremiah was rescued by one man who saw the vision that Jeremiah had.  Luckily, educators now have the power of a PLN who can support them when faced with the challenges of being an educator.

My action item from this reflection is that I need to support the visionaries in my school district and in my PLN.  It is my responsibility lower the bucket down just Ebed-melech, the court official did for Jeremiah.  I will reach virtually and face to face in order to encourage others.


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