Falling Back

As my faithful readers know, I have begun a journey of exercise this year.  I have blogged about a ton this year.  I have enjoy it and have learned so much about myself as a learner.  Then August hit.  I have been to the gym 3 time this month.  Please don’t assume that I took to running outside or I was injured.  Instead, I have fallen back into my old habit of not exercising.  This is not to say that I did not plan to workout.  My gym clothes have been laid out in the evening for the morning.  The alarm was set.  I just hit snooze and justified my way out of getting up.  I am sure if you asked why.  I could give you a laundry list of excuses, but in reality it was hard, I was tired and it is easier to go back to the old pattern of being sedentary.

I share this with you because often in our teaching we adopt an important practice and we do for a long time.  Then something happens and we flip back to the old way of doing it. How often do we get inspired and start down the road of changing our practice, then we turn around and head back?

Well dear readers, I am going to get back on track.  I will spend the time going to bed earlier and getting up earlier.  I need to keep my WHY in front and center.  I have chosen to exercise to get and stay healthy for my family.  I will also keep the personal benefits on a post-it note on my phone so I will not have to move it to hit snooze.

As you are on this journey of change, understand that there will be setbacks but how  you respond is key.  Focus on your Why and the benefits that come from the change.

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