Dear Educator Mom

Dear Educator Mom,

First, know that you will feel that you never do enough, but you are enough.

I write to you, my fellow moms, as my to-do list to make Monday amazing is long.   I realize I only have a limited amount of time before bed beckons and I will not even come close to accomplishing it all.  I know many nights are the same for other moms.  Unfortunately, we don’t talk about the pressure to do it all and the guilt that accompanies it.  Instead, you see the social media persona of other educator moms.  We see the clean house, smiling children expertly styled, and the Pinterest worthy classrooms.  What we don’t see is the guilt of making tough choices, the dirty messy house, or the lessons that go up in flames after spending hours planning.

Moms, I have no silver bullet to solve this, but I want you to realize you are not alone.  It is time we create a tribe of fellow teachers who get the challenges of doing both well and support each other in achieving the ultimate goal, helping children turn into amazing adults that change the world for the better.

Just like state standards, there is too much to accomplish.  Pick your hills to die on (We don’t have to have the same ones).  One of my hills is home cooked meals most nights of the week as well as hot breakfasts.  Another hill is to take the time to connect teachers with the resource or person they need to accomplish their task.  Once these things are accomplished, then everything else is gravy.  Also own your hills and don’t try to match others.  I’ve accepted that my house is even close to magazine worthy and I have no guilt about it.

So my fellow moms, as you go to bed tonight.  Ask yourself: “Did you help the children in your life get closer to be an amazing adult?”  If the answer is yes, then  let the guilt go and do it again tomorrow.  If not, let the guilt go and try again tomorrow.


Another Exhausted Educator Mom


Note: This blog was inspired by my sister who said the guilt of balancing teaching and being a mom weighs heavily on some her former students.  


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