The Remedy for Doubt

A few weeks ago, the priest homily told a story about a man who came in from the rain and ended up in the devil’s barn.  It had seeds of greed, anger and lust, but by far the most was seeds of doubt.  The farmer asked the worker why they had so many seeds of doubt.  He said that doubt grows well in most hearts.  Then, farmer asks if there were any hearts that doubt did not grow well in.  The helper responded that the seeds do not take on a grateful heart.  This story has stuck with me the past few weeks.

I have been thinking about this idea that gratitude inoculates against doubt.  Doubt has a way creating paralyzing fear in me.  At points, during the last few weeks I have felt doubt creeping in.  Every time that I felt doubt creeping, I took a deep breath and listed something I was grateful for.  When I started to question my job as a parent, I paused and listed the things about parenthood that I am thankful for.  The doubt started to lift and I was able to enjoy my decisions.

When doubt is allowed to creep in a school house, it becomes an unpleasant place.   We help protect against this when we create a grateful culture.  We need to acknowledge the blessings we have and create opportunities for other to count their blessings.  We spend time telling other thanks.  Also we need to teach our students to create a habit of gratitude then we give them a skill that can protect them against some of the challenges they will face.

So what does this mean to you?  I encourage when you start to feel doubt respond with gratitude and joy.  So my dear readers, THANK YOU for reading and inspiring me as I write to you.



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