My son’s Halloween Costume

In our house, Halloween is a big deal.  My son starts talking about costumes in August.  This year was no exception, I came home from work and he was decorating a banker’s box.  I asked him what he was doing, he said he is making his costume.  He wanted to go as Art.  I didn’t think much of it because I figured he would change his mind.  Of course, he did not. As it got closer to Halloween, I became more and more nervous.  The thought that came to me was “They’re all going to laugh at him.”  I worked hard to shut down my doubt and also my desire to make it about me.  In the end my son loved his costume and enjoyed the Halloween parade.  I give full credit to his teacher and the school he attends.  They created a safe space where he felt to create a costume that not every student would understand.  He felt safe to express himself.

This experience reinforced with me that culture is key. Without this positive uplifting classroom and school.  Danny would have not dared to go in a nontraditional route.  I would have been stuck at Target digging through the costumes to find the perfect one.

Thank you to every teacher that allows students to create and express themselves.  This is key to changing the world.014


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