PLC Institute Day 1 Take Aways

I have been lucky enough to attend a PLC Institute.  Below are some of my take away:

First Things First: Building the Solid Foundation of a PLC at Work

  • Book to read: How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work: Seven Languages for Transformation
  • Clarity precedes competence-We need to be clear in order for teachers and students to learn.
  • PLC is a process not an event.
  • Mission is just words if you don’t have a vision and make a commitment to action.
  • All needs to mean all  because of the changes in the economy.
  • We need to create some professional commitments to each other to accomplish our goals.

More Powerful than Poverty

  • Good teaching  is not what I do for my students.  It is what we do for our students.
  • We need to have the in-depth conversation about what does the standard really mean.  The teachers teaching the standards need to be the one having the conversations not be handed the work other did.
  • Do a few things really well.
  • We need to really dig into the research about what actually works in instruction.
    • Rigorous learning goals
    • Common formative assessment
    • Corrective feedback
    • Peer tutoring

Student Data Notebooks: Developing Ownership, Motivation and a Growth Mindset

  • When we build a common understanding, teachers will be professionals
  • Empowerment + Engagement=ownership of learning
  • Self-Efficacy effect size= .82 effect size
  • Data Notebooks fomralize self-analysis and goal setting.
  • Don’t let notebooks sit on a shelf.
  • Idea-students that need to be progressed monitor b/c of FAST testing need to set goals and start recording the progress monitoring to own the process.
  • Using SBAR rubrics with student reflections, help students grow.

My mind is spinning with ideas for district Teach magazine.  I also am excited about sharing the information with others.

Read day two and three reflections here.

Read about my next steps here.


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