PLC Institute Day 2 & 3 Take Aways

Below are my notes from the four session that I attended:

In Praise of American Educators…and How They can Become Even Better

  • Greatest Generation of Teachers:
    • Highest graduation rate
    • Greater Access for low SES
    • Highest parent satisfaction rate
  • We must improve because consequences for failing are dire.
  • Fear does not motivate teachers or other knowledge workers….
  • Our national change initiatives only happen in the US
  • We can’t be like Finland because they have have a different system.
  • PLC can be the answer if we follow through and implement them.
    • deeply
    • overtime
  • We cannot take the easy way because change will not occur.
  • We need to do the right work and collaborate about a guaranteed viable curriculum.
  • Motivate teachers to change with Concrete Evidence of Irrefutably Better results and positive peer pressure


Teaching, Leading and Living a High-Energy and Well-Balanced PLC Life

  • Books to read: Power of Full Engagement, Social Intelligence, Flow
  • Only 31.4% of teachers are fully engaged according to a Gallup poll
  • Being engaged at work leads to better outcomes for students/teachers
  • When left to our own devices we would not fully engage in work
  • Teachers are more likely to be engaged when they are in the flow.
  • Flow-High knowledge & skills and High task challenge
  • How to avoid becoming high negative
    • Hang out with inspiring people
    • Participate in events that are inspiring to you
    • Get enough sleep and movement
    • Focus on your learning environment
    • Have a hobby
  • If you are out of balance it is in the inside not the outside
  • Internal balance requires white space
  • Be inspiring to others by:
    • Trust
    • Compassion
    • Hope
    • Stability


Developing a Stretch Culture

  • Principals are keys to an effective PLC
  • All things must be aligned-Policies, procedures and practices aligned to the mission
  • Teacher as a coach
  • Lots of Winners and celebrating their successes
  • Action stimulates hope
  • Get started now.


Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap:

  • Books to read: Tinkering towards Eutopia, Will to Lead, Will to Teach,  Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap
  • Original goal of education to socialize European immigrants
  • Instead of achievement gap use education debt
  • Functional Hypocrisy-We say learning for All, but the systems and mindset are not designed to accomplish it.
  • Education should not be meritocracy instead it should be an egalitarianism.
  • It does not mean that we take resources from one student to give to another student.
  • Two types of change that need to Technical-Structural (skill) and cultural(will)
  • We know what works thanks to Marzano and Hattie
  • Truly healthy culture creates policies and procedures that adopt learning for all.
  • Mindset impacts achievement gap
    • Superiority-paternalism(gossip), competition (NCLB), and standard bearing(my turn, your turn instead of reciprocal energy)
    • Victim-Irresponsibility, low motivation, low expectations
  • What we need is a liberation mindset:
    • Equality
    • Responsibility
    • Advocacy
  • If you are not sitting at the table, then you are on the menu.

You can read about day one here.

You can read about my next steps here.

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