Eating an Elephant

I spent three days at the PLC institute in Florida last week. I got the honor to see Rick Dufour possibly speak his last keynote.  I have a sense of urgency and have come back inspired and amazed.  I feel like my mind is reeling about where to start and what to do first.  This is like eating an elephant, you eat it one bite at a time.  Here are my beginning next steps on my PLC journey:

  1. Start my journey on becoming more relationally intelligence.
    • When I finish working with others, review who I may share the outcomes with.  I also need to work on summarizing decisions made at the end of a meeting.
    • Use the phrases: Tell me more;  How could I support you in this work?  I need to seek to understand.
    • Listen without interrupting
  2. Analyze my mindset and shift it to a liberation mindset.
    • Read Will to Lead, Will to Teach
  3. Create white space daily to feed me in this journey.
  4. Begin the conversation about structures that does not create equality.

My list could go on, but I realize that if I list too many things, none will get done.  Dear readers, please hold me accountable.  Ask me how I am doing or let me know if I have not accomplished my steps.

You can read about learning at the conference here and here.

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